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Cookies are often the first thing we learn to bake: They’re simple, fun, and comforting. But just because they’re straightforward doesn’t mean they always turn out right. That's where our expert advice comes in.

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Roll-Out Sugar Cookies

Buttery, crunchy, and packed full of flavor, these cookies are simple but enticing — perfect for cutting out and decorating to make any type of decorated designs. 

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Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

These homemade chocolate chip cookies walk the line nicely between crunchy and chewy: the edges are crisp, while the center is "bendy." Refrigerate the dough for 24 to 48 hours before baking for extra flavor.

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Frequently asked questions


How can I keep cookies soft?

To keep cookies soft, store them in an airtight container and not in a cookie jar. Adding a piece of fresh white bread to the storage container will also help keep cookies from becoming hard or stale. Read more.

Which fat makes the best chocolate chip cookies?

Our preference is room-temperature butter, but you can make delicious cookies from all kinds of different fat options, including oil, shortening, and more. Read more.

Does chilling my cookie dough really make a difference?

Yes! Don't skip the chill — it affects flavor, texture, and appearance. It's worth waiting an extra 30 minutes or so, we promise. Read more.

Does it matter how I line my sheet pan?

From parchment to silicone, the material you use to line your pans affects how your cookies spread. We recommend parchment paper or a silicone cookie mat for the best results. Read more.

How do I keep cookies from spreading?

Cookies spread for many reasons, which means there are multiple possible solutions. Options to prevent cookies from spreading include: swapping butter out for shortening, browning your butter, reducing the sugar 10% by weight, chilling the dough before baking, and lining your baking sheet with parchment or a silicone liner. Read more.

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