Grains for Good
Grains for Good
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Grains for Good

At King Arthur, we are creating a more sustainable future by focusing on Grains for Good: our commitment to source 100% of our flour from regeneratively grown wheat by 2030.

Our commitments for the planet

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture seeks to restore, renew, and enhance natural resources through a range of practices that focus on healthy soils, ecosystems, and farming communities.​ It’s not just about sustaining our planet, but actively healing it.  

We consider regenerative agriculture a step up from sustainability — a way to shift agriculture from being part of the climate problem to being part of the solution. Examples of regenerative agriculture practices include cover cropping and crop rotations, minimizing inputs, no/limited tillage, and affordability and accessibility of crops.

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Soil Health

Prioritizes Soil Health

Resilient Ecosystems

Creates Resilient Ecosystems

Farming Community Well-Being

Ensures Farming Community Well-Being

Fosters Biodiversity

Fosters Biodiversity

Sequesters Carbon

Sequesters Carbon

We must act now to safeguard our soil

By 2050, 90% of Earth’s topsoil could be jeopardized due to accelerated soil erosion and land degradation from industrial farming practices.* By promoting regenerative farming practices, we have the opportunity to restore and nurture the health of our soil for the benefit of future generations.

*UN Food and Agriculture Organization
Soil in Hands
Regenerative Agriculture
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Regenerative Agriculture

It's not just about sustaining our planet, but actively healing it.


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