Our Best Biscuit Recipes

Self-Rising Flour

Homemade biscuits are ideal any time of day: They're just as welcome at a weekend breakfast as they are at a weeknight dinner. These deceptively simple bakes also have a deep and complicated history in America, where they've been part of our country since its very beginning. 

In this collection, we’ve gathered 12 of our best biscuit recipes suitable for any type of baker. For the beginners, start with just three ingredients (self-rising flour, heavy cream, and salt) and our Easy Drop Biscuits recipe to make fluffy, failproof biscuits. Or if you'd like to experience working with cold butter (or shortening) for a flakier biscuit, try our Easy Self-Rising Biscuits for an equally simple experience.

Once you’ve graduated from the basic biscuit, it’s time to master fresh riffs like Green Goddess Biscuits, inspired by the herbaceous salad dressing, and Coffee Cake Biscuits, made supremely soft and tender with cake flour. Bake all 12 until you find your favorite texture and flavor combination — and don't hesitate to put your own spin on any of the biscuit recipes below.